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As an owner you will have an Account Manager who is there to help with your day to day operations. In addition to the above, there are dedicated members of our corporate staff to assist you with inventory stocking, accounting, and on-going training. These members of our team are able to provide you with comprehensive information to help make you the best owner possible.



We can provide you with everything you will need to begin the process!

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1-800 Radiator & A/C provides you with proven sales and marketing campaigns that will continue to grow your business. Your Account Manager will help integrate these campaigns into your business. Training is also provided for owners and their employees. It our main focus to help our franchisees grow their business.


Our system contains algorithms which produce superior breadth and quality of inventory. A dedicated staff member whose primary focus is to maintain franchisee’s inventory levels will maximize in-stock rates and maintain efficient low-cost on hand dollar amounts. All of your inventory needs will be customized based on your specific region and seasonality. The 1-800 Radiator & A/C state-of-the-art inventory system will accelerate your sales projections.


1-800 Radiator & A/C offers a call center at our corporate headquarters in Benicia, Ca. This acts as a back-stop for our franchisees and ensures almost every call will be answered. All customer calls will rollover to the corporate call center if they go unanswered at their local franchise. This is a powerful aid to franchisees as it makes sure someone is almost always there for your customer. Our corporate call center is open seven days a week and on major holidays.


Franchisees are provided 24/7 technology support, covering software, hardware, and phones. Systems are vital to selling parts, so significant resources are devoted to ensuring our system and phones are always up. Continued development of our cutting edge technological resources is key in maximizing profitability for our franchisees.